January 9, 2010

My house was freshened up for sale.  The sellers painted the walls completely bland colors, re-did the kitchen in completely bland cabinets, countertops, and appliance (but the kitchen is a whole ‘nother post in itself), and replaced all the light fixtures with completely bland, ugly, awful, contractor-special light fixtures.  I eventually want to replace them all – there are only 8.

The light on the front porch bugged me most of all (the light on the back porch is surprisingly OK.  I think it is older).  I’ve got this cute little walkway to a cute front porch, and a light that completely doesn’t fit in.  Even before I moved in, I had identified a replacement light fixture.  A couple of months ago, I invited some friends over for dinner.  About two weeks before the dinner, I realized the front porch light didn’t work, and I thought ‘well, I can go buy a new lightbulb…or I could go buy a new light.’  Turned out, the company that sells my dream porch light was having a lighting sale at that very moment!  So, I bought my new porch light

…and one for the bathroom

bathroom light…and one for the kitchen.

kitchen lightI’m happy with all three of then, but I love the porch light.  It looks exactly like what I thought it would, and I am so thrilled.

front porchBy the way, have you seen Houzz?  I can see many lost hours spent there.


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