A Cinderella Moment

April 11, 2008


On my way to with this morning, I ran right out of my shoe. OK, so I wasn’t actually running – more like walking briskly – when the heel of my shoe got wedged in a crack in the sidewalk. And the Fairfax Co. Connector, although partially orange, is not actually a pumpkin carriage. But Cinderella is fleeing home when she loses her shoe, and with a little imagination, my boss could be a wicked stepmother, and my two coworkers stepsisters.  I certainly feel like Cinderella at work sometimes.  (this is even more amusing to me when I remember that my boss’s stepdaughter is visiting this week)  What I want to know is, where’s my handsome prince?  If my employer is my wicked stepfamily, is Prince Charming a more desirable job?


2 Responses to “A Cinderella Moment”

  1. Sade Says:

    So, did you find Prince Charming? Got more shoes?

    Tag, you’re it! becayse I want to hear more from you again.

  2. smartash Says:

    Ha! Prince no, but shoes yes. Most definitely yes.

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