Reverting to form (over function)

March 9, 2008


This is the bag that I carried to and from work for almost a year.  Kate discovered it.  It’s the perfect knitting/commuting bag – right size, good number/shape/placement of pockets.   Its a messenger bag, which is probably better for one’s back than a standard purse (if you wear it as a messenger bag).  Its very functional.  And kinda cute, maybe? A little sporty?


Here’s the problem.  I’m not sporty.  I don’t do casual/outdoorsy well.  I try.  I see other people do it, but I can’t put it into practice.  I was starting to get tired of my functional bag, especially if I went out with friends after work, or to lunch with my (quite stylish) coworkers.  I wanted to excuse the bag, say ‘this isn’t really me, its just practical.’  The last straw was when my mom started me watching ‘Cashmere Mafia’ for the fashion, if nothing else.  And finally I snapped.  


The green bag has been replaced with this.



which is pretty close to perfect itself.  I wish it didn’t have the buckles, but I like simple, structured bags better than slouchy, adorned ones.  Its bigger than it looks, and I can carry everything I need.  These kinds of shoes


have been replaced with these.  


(I know, I know, a podiatrist or orthopedist would have a fit, but I think I have a few years of abusing my feet left in me before I go to sensible shoes.)  My clothes haven’t changed all that much, but that is as much dictated by weather as it is by style.  I can’t wait for spring and new skirts.  


I feel better.    


2 Responses to “Reverting to form (over function)”

  1. kristina Says:

    Okay, the shoes crack me up, because in both pictures, they look like they’re sitting in judgement of you. But I love the new bag! (It looks even better in person, so yay!)

  2. Kate Says:

    is it sad that I don’t see a difference in the shoes? (I know, I know….women who can landscape their shoes don’t get a vote)


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