February 4, 2008

Late this afternoon, I left my house to pick up a friend and go to a Super Bowl party.  Just after I left, my cellphone rang – an old classmate.  Our conversation extended through my stop to get gas, and all the way to my friend’s apartment.  On the way to the party, we stop to get beer (the requested contribution).  When I got up to the register to pay, I realized my debit card was missing.  As I stared in horror at my wallet, I frantically thought of all the places I had been that weekend, and where I might have left it.  Just when I had myself convinced that I had lost it at PetCo on Saturday morning, and it had been over 24 hours that someone could have had it and been using it, I remembered my stop at the gas station.

Of course!  I must have left it in the machine at the gas station.  I was distracted by the phone conversation.  I called my bank from the parking lot of the grocery store, and sat on hold for ten minutes before losing my patience and driving away (still on hold, on speaker).  After twenty minutes on hold (Super Bowl Sunday!  Not a lot of people in the call center, apparently), I finally get a real person and cancel my card.  They tell me it will be 5-7 days before I get a new card and ask if that will be OK (what am I going to say?  No?  Then what?).  

When we get to the party, I’m taking off my coat, and my fingers brush something in my pocket.  Yep, that would be my debit card.  The one I just spent 20 minutes on the phone canceling.   I think I must have taken it out of my wallet at the gas station, so I wouldn’t have my hands full while I was talking/fueling.  Gaaah!


One Response to “Gaaaah!”

  1. Georgie Evans Says:

    I was going to tell you its in your pocket. But you already found it. Done it thousands of times.

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