I’m gonna risk it

December 20, 2007

Cross your fingers, wish for good luck, send me good luggage vibes.  

I’m checking a bag on a flight at Christmas.  With a connection at a major hub.  I’ve had luggage permanently lost by an airline before, so I should know better, but I’ve decided I don’t want to deal with it.  I don’t want to lug my bag through crowded airports, and be tethered to a suitcase at my connection.  I don’t want to take a suitcase through madhouse security.  I don’t want to heave my suitcase over my head and wrestle it into the overhead compartment while taller, stronger people sit and watch; or be the last one off the plane because the only place to put my bag was behind me.  I’m gonna check my bag, cross my fingers, and hope for the best. 

I’ve also decided to splurge and take a taxi to the airport.  Unless I’m going to be gone for more than 10 days, it’s less costly to drive and park in the economy lot.  Flying at Christmas, though, that just strikes me as one more thing that can go wrong, so a cab it is.  Wish me luck!


One Response to “I’m gonna risk it”

  1. Sade Says:

    I will wish you LOTS of luck! I know the pain in the rear that is the suitcase thing, sadly, I always need to check in mine, since it’s *not* handluggage sized. I’ve also had luggage misplaced (luckily, it did show up the following day..)

    And I’ll keep some of that luck, just a bit, if you don’t mind, since I’m flying the 27th 😉

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