The same, but totally different

November 22, 2007

In 2002, I went from tenant to property owner, from monthly rent to mortgage payment, without packing a single box, filling out a single change of address form, or lifting anything too heavy for me.  The apartment complex I was renting in was sold, and the new owners converted the apartments into condos.  As a current tenant, I had right of first refusal (and I didn’t refuse).  Nothing changed from the day before closing to the day after, except that my apartment was now my condo.  

On Monday, I start a new job.  I’m going from temp work (low pay, no benefits, no paid time off) to a permanent position (better pay, health, etc. insurance, vacation & holiday time, a 401(k)).   My commute won’t change, however, nor will my coworkers or my day-to-day tasks.  The company that I’ve temped with since July has brought me on full-time, starting Monday. 

On a completely unrelated note, the only flaw in my plan to drop all my current knitting to work on a winter survival kit is that the yarn I ordered isn’t here yet.  I’ve finished the fingerless mittens, and now I’m back to my regular knitting until Monday (ish), when the rest of the yarn gets here.


2 Responses to “The same, but totally different”

  1. Sade Says:

    Yay for permanent position, without having to change anything! And all the added benefits 🙂

  2. krissy Says:

    Okay, but I want to SEE the mittens!

    oh, and by the way, I am all caught up on your posts now and don’t have to hang my head in shame!

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