Spin cycle

October 31, 2007

Lately, I’ve been on a spinning kick. Jasper thinks drop spindles are fancy spinny toys, so I got my Louet wheel out. He thinks that’s a toy too, but isn’t able to interfere quite so much. So, in the past week, I have done this:
The skein on the left is spun from pencil roving I bought from my mom’s friend’s Magi’s farm. She raises Icelandic sheep. It is the bulkiest of the three. The middle is a merino/tussah blend from nonoKitty in Sweet Pea. It’s so girly, I don’t know what I’m going to do with it. On the right is a skein spun from one of Miss Babs’s crazy batts. Not sure quite what’s in it – some sort(s) of wool and slubs of silk. Then, I got out the other spinning wheel…

A few months ago, I found an Ashford traditional on Craigslist. I bought it on the theory that I’d see whether I liked it or the Louet better, and then sell the one that doesn’t suit. I love to spin, but I do not need two wheels. I got the Ashford home and started spinning, but just couldn’t get anywhere with it. The wheel had been sitting unused for a couple years, so I knew it might need some TLC. I wasn’t sure how much, though, and built it up in my mind as a huge, complicated task. This weekend, I got the wheel out and decided to start with oiling. It was like magic.
Things don’t look good for the Louet. And Jasper thinks the Ashford is a toy too. He especially likes the brake band.


One Response to “Spin cycle”

  1. Eva Says:

    Well, we seem to be all about adopting things here, so if your Louet needs a new home… 😀

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