Cats and Knitting

October 14, 2007

Occaisional instances like this
notwithstanding (don’t worry, he didn’t damage it), Jasper doesn’t show a lot of interest in my yarn. True, I haven’t shown him anything really sheepy, but in general, he is unimpressed with fiber. Doesn’t batt at it, doesn’t knead it, doesn’t chew on it.

No, what Jasper likes are knitting needles. I recently left a US17 circ unattended in my living room for a week. A new, and really quite lovely, Destiny circ. When I picked the project up again a week later, the tips had been gnawed to the point of being useless. You’d think a dog (or termites, but I don’t think they like bamboo) had gotten to it. I didn’t take a picture before I tossed the needle, but trust me, it was bad.

And then there’s what happened Tuesday. I was taking pictures of my knitting projects to update Ravelry, etc. I took this picture, which didn’t show the detail of my current socks (Rococo in merino/tencel from Ellen’s Half Pint Farm) the way I wanted.
As I was getting ready to take a new picture, Jasper came up to investigate (when I have both the camera and my knitting out, he gets excited. Actually, when I have my camera out, period). Before I could stop him, he had grabbed hold of one of the needles and yanked it right out of the knitting. After a few seconds of speechless horror, and a few more of shrieking, I think I saved the sock (although you may be able to see Jasper’s contribution), but I’m carefully guarding my needles from now on. Good thing the closet where I keep them is such a mess, not even Jasper can get in 😉


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