October 10, 2007

Sunday, I went shopping with a friend. On my way out of the mall, I stopped in West Elm, drawn in by the red and purple display in the window. They were selling some floor samples, and among those for sale was this great little mirror-topped table. I don’t need a table, but it was just so pretty. And priced well (75% off!). And pretty. I sat in the store for half an hour, staring at the table, until I figured out where it would fit. It won’t work in most of my rooms, except, I hope, the guest bedroom. If I’m lucky, it’ll make a nice bedside table:
(cat added for scale)

Finding this table has inspired me to get back to work on that room. Yesterday, I bought a bed for that room. It’s not perfect – far from – but I have a plan. More on that later. I have lots of plans for this room – if only it were the weekend, so I could work on them!


2 Responses to “Inspiration”

  1. Ur Weenie Pal Says:

    Well perfect…since you’re claiming via blog, then I will too! šŸ˜‰

    Jasper is very cute! Love the table! Will be stalking, but I think I have some lovely things in my stash that will be just perfect for you! Beware… šŸ˜‰

  2. […] the table I bought weekend before last? How it inspired me to get back to work on that room? Well, this past […]

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