Agressive or over-eager?

October 2, 2007

When I adopted Jasper, his foster thought he would be good as an only cat, because he was aggressive with her cats when he got out of isolation.

I am cat-sitting for a friend this week. Since there is no convenient way for me to get to her place every week night (I don’t drive to/from work, and she doesn’t live near me or on a Metro), I brought her cat, Neeli, to my place to stay. Neeli is well and truly freaked out. His human left him abruptly, he’s alone for a couple of days, and then some vaguely familiar human comes and takes him to some new place. A new place with another cat. Neeli hissed, growled, and got all fluffed up as soon as he saw Jasper. I mostly have kept Neeli shut up in my spare room. A day and a half later, he still has no interest in Jasper (although as soon as Neeli had a Jasper-free moment, he ran for my lap).

Jasper, on the other hand, is just beside himself trying to get to this new cat. He ran in right away to see Neeli, and every time I open the door to the spare room, Jasper is there wanting to get in. This is Jasper when I left for work this morning.
Neeli is on the other side of that closed door. Tonight, I let Neeli out, and he came into the living room for a bit, but he still has no interest in being friends with Jasper. Poor Jasper approaches Neeli very carefully, in a way that I read as submissive (tail down, looking away. Tonight he even rolled over and showed Neeli his belly), but Neeli still growls. I think Jasper is perplexed.

This will be an interesting week.


One Response to “Agressive or over-eager?”

  1. TheDiva Says:

    Sorry!! I think Neeli was totally traumatized by Mimi…she smacked him good a few times, hissed at him, and was just mean. So he growled and fluffed in return…i guess he expected Jasper to be like that too.

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