Nice RAK

August 16, 2007

Sorry, couldn’t help it.

One of the threads on Knittyboard is for Random Acts of Kindness (RAK). You post a list of likes (and, if you wish, dislikes) and send your mailing address to a Knittyboard moderator who keeps track of such things. I’ve never been RAK-ed before. Last week, I got a heads up from the kind and generous Minh that she was sending some fiber my way. I arrived home to find this waiting for me today (on TOP of my doormat, for those of you that have read past posts)


That’s a braid of ‘Zinnia’ corriedale roving (a little more fuschia than the pic shows), some merino/tussah roving in ‘Sweet Pea,’ – both from NoNoKitty and with excellent spinning potential – and finally, some absolutely beautious red sock yarn from Yarn Botanika with a matching bag!

I must have done something really good recently. Thank you, Minh.

As you can see, Jasper has inserted himself into the picture. Soon, you will be able to date all pics taken in my apartment as pre- or during-Jasper, based on the presence of grey kitty body. Here’s a better picture of himself.


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