Meet my new roommate

July 8, 2007

Warning: Picture-heavy post
Meet my new roommate.
We’re still working out how I should address him. His foster called him Jasper, but he doesn’t pay any heed to that name, so I might try something else. He’s almost 2 years old, and I found him through the Siamese Rescue. He arrived Saturday afternoon, so he’s still settling in, but things are going well so far. He’s a good roommate.

He helps me knit…
…and cook.
He picks up his belongings…
…keeps an eye on the door…
…and can entertain himself without my help.
Also, he likes my furniture.

He has the most beautiful blue eyes, but I haven’t been able to photograph them very well. He hasn’t been very talkative so far. We need to have a discussion about when the appropriate time to get up in the morning is, but generally, I think this new roommate is going to work out.


5 Responses to “Meet my new roommate”

  1. He’s made himself right at home. Congratulations. Nice pictorial, also.

  2. trueepicure Says:

    Cutie pie! And what is it about cats and refrigerators? Cleo is obsessed!

  3. Mom Says:

    Beautiful! He will probably be the boss of you in about 2 days…..

  4. CamillaAlma Says:

    Oh, he is gorgeous.
    The beauty of the blue eyes of a Siamese wondercat is nearly impossible to capture in a photo.
    You’re very lucky to have found eachother!

  5. Sharon Says:

    He is just too cute, and I love the clever write up for the pictures too! My friend at work was giggling as I read it to her, hehe.

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