May 23, 2007

[As an aside, I never posted about Maryland Sheep and Wool – it was awesome. I stuck to my budget (mostly) but still got good goodies. Mostly laceweight yarn and fiber for spinning. Two lightweight spindles (I was only planning on one, but well…) I finally succumbed to the lure of the fabric store going out of business. The minimum yardage requirement kept me from buying any fabric, but I went slightly crazy on patterns. Only slightly.]


I believe in signs, to a certain extent. I don’t go looking for them, but if I notice really clear signs, I try to follow them. Today, I went looking for summer sandals at DSW. I was unimpressed at the selection. Most of them were variations on flip-flops, heeled (I like heels, but I think they’ll look funny with shorts), or really clunky. On the last aisle, I saw a pair that I thought were OK. Not great, but OK. I decided to look for my size, but was not hopeful when I saw there were only two boxes. My size is not one that any shoe store keeps in great stock. Not only did they have my size, it was the top box. My fate was sealed when I saw the name of the shoe. It was my last name, plus the letter ‘a’ at the end. I thought ‘OK, I get it!”, tried on the shoe just to be safe, and bought them. Some things are just meant to be.


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