My kitchen is done(ish)

April 12, 2007

I tried to post this yesterday, but the pictures weren’t cooperating. They’re still not cooperating, but I’ll post it anyway.

The kitchen contractors started and finished last week. I am so pleased with the results. I was most worried about how the flooring would look, but in general, I never know how things are going to look together until they are actually together. Sometimes it turns out fabulous, sometimes it turns out blah. This time was the former.

A few things still need to be done. The drawer fronts for one of the base cabinets are backordered, so that one needs to be finished (that unit is all drawers). I’ll need to paint. Also, the old countertop had a built-in 4″ backsplash, and the old one doesn’t, so there’s a line of damage on the wall behind the countertop. I’ll probably end up tiling the backsplash, but I have something creative in mind for that. Since the kitchen isn’t done, I don’t have pictures, however, I will offer you all some detail shots.

First, the floor. The camera sees more brown in it than I do, but it is otherwise a good picture.
Kitchen Floor
Second, the huge new sink
Third…yeah, I think that’s about it. The pictures didn’t turn out quite as well as I’d hoped.

On the painting front, my room is done, trim and all. The guest room/office is done except for the trim. I’m all set to paint the living room – have the drop cloths down and everything. I haven’t actually done any painting in a week though, thanks to a lovely little cold that has come to visit. I completely lost my voice for a couple of days, and still sound pretty sickly. However, I’m mostly better now, except when I’m coughing (which, sadly, is often)*sigh.* I hope to start painting again today.


One Response to “My kitchen is done(ish)”

  1. Sade Says:

    Love the tiling!

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