New floors! New floors!

April 3, 2007

These have been finished for about a week, but I’ve been lazy about posting the pictures. Everything that was once carpet is now bamboo (I think I said that already) and the entryway has been retiled. It looks lovely. I admire it every time I’m in the apartment, but it wasn’t until this weekend, as I was coming out of the bathroom (which was not bamboo-ed), that I had a moment of ‘Hey, this is mine! I actually did this thing I’ve been talking about and dreaming of for years!’ So, without further ado:
The floor (and unpainted wall) dscn0526.jpg
The floor close-up.dscn0528.jpg
The entryway.dscn0527.jpg

I’m done painting in both bedrooms, except for the trim (ugh). I’ve replaced all the wallplates. I really should replace the actual outlets and light switches as well, since they no longer match the wallplates, but I think I’ll save that for the next time I’m bitten by the home-improvement bug. I replaced the light in the laundry closet, in preparation for some painting – I want to do something fun in there. Laundry and kitchen need to be painted, at some point. Living room, dining room, and hallway also need to be painted, but those rooms are currently full of kitchen cabinets, appliances, etc, because… the kitchen guys started yesterday! Yesterday was demolition and hanging of the wall cabinets, today will be tiling, and tomorrow will be base cabinets and countertops. Hooray!


2 Responses to “New floors! New floors!”

  1. eva Says:

    Looks awesome! I can’t wait to see the pics of the kitchen.

  2. Mom Says:

    I saw the floors and kitchen today. Wonderful!! The kitchen is essentially new, from the new ceramic tile, up to the new track lights (and new cabinets, sink and microwave in between). The sofa is a good fit for the room; both bedrooms have been repainted; the master bath has been re-floored. A lot of work! Ashley (my daughter) has a great sense of color and style. Really wish I could take some credit, but afraid not…..

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