What I’ve been up to

March 20, 2007

It’s typical of my life that, after a few months of not working much, I get a temp job with lots of overtime at the same time that I’m trying to remodel my condominium. Feast or famine. So, yes, I’m working lots of overtime. I knit primarily on the bus in the mornings and evenings (but I broke one of my sock needles today. Sad). On Sunday, I worked 11 hours. One of the other women at work is also doing some remodeling, and she says ” I’ve got a handyman to support!” On the weekend days we’ve gotten done early, I started to do some painting at the condo, but haven’t gotten very far. Here is what’s happening to the condo:
1) The flooring is being replaced. Everything that was once carpet will now be bamboo. The apartment grey tiled entryway (all 20 sq. ft. of it) will be tiled much more attractively. The bathroom floors will stay as is (vinyl in one, linoleum in the other)
2) The kitchen is being redone. No major movement of appliances (OK, we’re shifting the oven a few inches), but new cabinets, countertop, and floor. An above-the-range microwave! The floor will most likely be tiled, but I haven’t quite brought myself around to that decision yet.
3) All walls will be painted (except bathrooms and closets). All walls need it. Two years of tenants have not been kind.
4) Two light fixtures have been changed, one more might be.

A contractor is doing the floor. A different contractor is doing the kitchen. An electrician did the two lights and the wiring for the microwave. I, sadly, am doing the painting. My walls are textured (not my choice – they came that way), and a pain in the rear to paint. Especially with light colored paint (and bad light – painting at night) I can’t always tell whether I’ve gotten everything or not. I left my office one night thinking I’d done a pretty good job. Came back early the next morning, looked around…missed a spot. And there. And there. And…

More adventures in remodeling coming soon.


One Response to “What I’ve been up to”

  1. Barbara Says:

    I admire you! I have never had the know-how or nerve to arrange for a real renovation… please keep us posted on how it goes!

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