Creature of habit

March 4, 2007

I’m starting to prepare for the move back into my condo…planning out furniture, meeting with contractors, thinking of paint colors. Yesterday, I ordered a sofa. I went to this “make your own” place – they have a bunch of sofa styles on the floor, and a wall full of fabric samples. You pick any sofa and any fabric, and they’ll make the sofa for you. Pretty good prices. They have maybe a couple dozen sofa styles, and over 200 fabrics. With all those choices and possible combinations, I think it’s pretty funny that I ended up with a sofa that is a pretty close replica of the last sofa I had. Its not too stuffed, curved arms, fairly traditional. Sage green fabric – it might be a microfiber, but it doesn’t have nap. What I like best about it, and what it different than before, is that the feet are these cute little cherry bun feet. No skirt. I’ll post pictures when I get it – which will be after the flooring is done.

In knitting news, I’m continuing to work on the Hedera sock. I’ve been working a lot of overtime this week, so the only knitting I’ve done has been on the sock, while commuting. I’m going to try to work on Pinup Queen some more today – I have to go sit in the condo and wait for contractors today, so I’l have some down time.


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