Socks and spinning

March 2, 2007

A few weeks ago, I got a skein of Colinette Jitterbug in Fire. Even before I saw this yarn, I wanted to use it for my next pair of socks, just as soon as the Jaywalkers were done. Well, the Jaywalkers are done…and I’m not making Jitterbug socks. I mainly knit my socks while commuting, on the bus and (when I can get a seat) on the Metro. I wound the entire skein of Jitterbug into one cake, which is too big to toss in my purse and go. I started a pair of socks out of the Jitterbug anyway, but about an inch into it, I decided they looked too big, and frogged it. I do like knitting with this yarn though, and I love the fire color even more than I did when I first saw it online. I love it so much that I took a picture of the cake, although it didn’t come out all that well. I’m just not knitting with it at the moment.

Instead, I’m knitting Hedera socks out of lovely purple (Vinca minor, I think) Wildfoote, on tiny little size 0 toothpicks. Its going pretty quickly. Part of that may be, though, that I usually get a seat on the metro on the way home, so I have double the knitting time. I’m working an obscenely boring temp job who’s one redeeming feature is the promise of overtime. (Yarn money!) I started seaming Pinup Queen, finally, and am working on that in fits and starts in front of the TV.

I’ve also been spinning a lot this week. I have a spindleful of tussah to wind off my Bosworth spindle, and am on the last spindleful of purple merino/silk on my dragon spindle. I might have accidently bought some more silk. I don’t know how that happened. It was on sale? I’ve decided that I’m not going to buy any more yarn until Maryland Sheep and Wool, but I make no such promises for roving (or knitting books. Or needles…)


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