But I might need it later…

February 19, 2007

This is going to be more of a dilemma in about a month, when I move back into my condo and consolidate my stuff from the four or five places its scattered across. I’m thinking of it now, though, because I’m staring at some roving that I know I’ll never spin. I just don’t like the feel of it, the way it’s been processed. It would probably be great for needle felting, though, and even I’m not into needle felting, maybe someday I will be? Or I’ll have a knitted or wet-felted project that just needs a little needle-felted embellishment or patch?

Another example is these unfinished wooden frames I have. They are a set of three small frames (4×6?), bought from Ikea for a few bucks. I’ve carried them around without using them for about four years, but every time I go through a declutter, I think ‘oh, but I could decorate these. Paint them, or cover them with fabric, or make a really neat arrangement…’

An ounce and a half of roving or a set of picture frames doesn’t take up that much space, but add to that other fiber I don’t enjoy spinning, yarn I don’t have a project for (or don’t have enough of to make anything I want), fabric for projects I’ve changed my mind on, or wonder why I bought in the first place, craft supplies, containers of interesting sizes and shapes, paper, partially used notebooks, coupons, spare batteries, little bits of hardware or glue or tape for repairs…how do you balance between “being prepared” and drowning in stuff?


One Response to “But I might need it later…”

  1. Lynne Says:

    Oooh – I know the feeling. We moved from a tiny 3 bedroom house with one living area to a 4 bedder with two living areas and a double garage (so it’s twice the size of the previous house), and somehow, in fifteen years, we’ve managed to fill it to overflowing! When you know the answer (being prepared v. drowning in stuff) let me know! 🙂


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