Odds and Ends

February 16, 2007

So, it turns out I’m not any better at updating this blog than I was about updating my LiveJournal.  Let’s see…last weekend, I went down to Richmond to do my yearly penance (tax prep).  My mom and I had a great time seeing movies, eating well, and poking around shops.  I found a great chair at Goodwill, which sadly, I don’t have pictures of.  It’s wrought-iron, with all sorts of curlicues…and it swivels!  It will make the perfect vanity chair.  I took the train back, which was only half an hour behind schedule (for Amtrak, that’s essentially on time!).

 This week, I’ve been temping in downtown DC – placed by that firm I interviewed with last week.  I’m filling in for an admin/research assistant.  I know that the person who does this job full-time has many more tasks, and probably keeps very busy.  I’m just here to “put out fires” and I spend a lot of time bored, wishing I could knit at my desk.

 Knitting content:  I tried to pick gender-neutral colors for ReshaBaby’s surprise, but one of the perils of ordering online is not being able to pick colors with great accuracy.  Now the project is almost done, she’s discovered the gender of the baby, and I don’t think these colors will do.  Sigh.  It’s not a huge loss – this was neither a time-consuming nor a complicated project, and I suspect there will be plenty more babies-of-friends in my future.  I also have plenty of time to knit something new for ReshaBaby.  Oh darn, I’ll have to buy more yarn.  Before I can face starting it again, though, I’m making a hat.  If this turns out well, I can see making several, in different colors.  I love hats. 


One Response to “Odds and Ends”

  1. TheDiva Says:

    ReshaBaby has a gender?? do share! And where’ve you been? I haven’t caught you online in weeks! 🙂

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