What I learned yesterday

February 6, 2007

– My new coat is long. So long that I have to lift it out of the way when climbing stairs, and worry about catching my heel in the hem when descending stairs.
– My new coat is pretty warm.
– My gloves are not.
– Neither are my socks & shoes.
– There is a Georgetown shuttle, which takes you from Rosslyn to the shopping part of Georgetown for $1.50. There is also a Georgetown University shuttle, which takes you from Rosslyn to campus for free.
– I have two SmarTrip cards. I’m not sure how that happened, because a few years ago, when I got the card(s), they were a pain to acquire. I can’t imagine dragging myself to Metro Center and standing in line twice, but apparently I must have.

Yesterday, I had an interview in Dupont Circle in the morning. I allowed myself plenty of time to get there, so I had time to stop and get a second breakfast. I have had a lingering craving for bacon for weeks, exacerbated by the fact that I can’t cook it at home, so I knew the day was going to be good when I had toast and a side of bacon for my 2nd breakfast. Then on to my interview, which was pretty good. It’s for a temp agency, so there’s no guarantee that it will turn in to an actual job anytime soon. Then on to Union Station for lunch and to kill some time. At 1, I went to the Senate Employment Office to drop my resume and have another informational interview. At that point, I thought about going home, but I would only be home for a couple of hours before I turned around and went back out again, so I went to Borders instead.

Last night, I attended a mentoring fair at Georgetown University, sponsored by Women in Foreign Policy. It was on the way to this fair that I discovered (the hard way) the difference between the two Georgetown shuttles. Oh, yeah, did I mention that I was doing all this traipsing around DC on a miserably cold day? Anyway, the fair itself was good. I didn’t meet the person who is going to solve all my career angst, but I made several good contacts, and have plenty of things to follow up on today. Websites to check out, reports to read, jobs to consider. Then I dragged myself home, utterly exhausted, and went straight to bed. All in all, a good (if chilly) day.


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