Another FO and Fabric Haul

February 4, 2007

I finally blocked the Branching Out scarf that I finished knitting this summer. The yarn is merino that I purchased from Handpainted Yarn in dyed roving form and spun myself. Ta-da!
This afternoon, I went to an estate sale. I occasionally search Craigslist for spinning and knitting items. The estate sale ad came up in a “yarn” search. I didn’t find any yarn that I wanted, but the fabric…oh, my, the fabric. The owner was clearly once a seamstress. There were three bedrooms of fabric, each one carefully labeled with width, yardage, fiber content, when she bought it, sometimes country of origin, and even notes on usage, etc. Amazing. I bought what you see below, and now I wish I had bought more. I apologize for the slightly blurry picture – for some reason, my camera doesn’t like the inside of my roommate’s apartment.
What you see is:
Folded, starting from the cat: 3.5 yds wool knit boucle, 4 yds med. grey wool, 6 yds blue cotton/linen
Rolled on a tube: unknown yardage mauve corduroy, 2 5/8 yds. blue silk crepe de chine, 6 yds black silk broadcloth, 6 yds black linen-weave silk, 6 yds black cotton matlasse


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