January Sock Goal Achieved!

January 30, 2007

With a day to spare! Without further ado, I present Jaywalker 1 of 2, done in Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock, Liberty color.
I had to frog the ReshaBaby surprise last night, with almost the whole back done. When I did a gauge swatch, it came out big on size 9 needles. Stupidly, I went down a needle size without swatching again…and yeah, one needle size wasn’t enough. Alas.

Finally, a present for my roommate, who is overseas. Neeli says zzzzzz….
Sleepy Neeli


4 Responses to “January Sock Goal Achieved!”

  1. those are really cute! And the kitty is a sweetie too..

  2. zanne Says:

    Yay Ash! That is really pretty. I’ll have to check that pattern out… ‘twould look nice with some of the yarn I have now.

  3. TheDiva Says:

    aaw,thank you!

  4. TheDiva Says:

    Impressive goal (sock a month)not to mention the incredible knitting output over the past month!

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